Speaking at a Board of Aldermen meeting during the citizen comments section

Citizens are welcome to speak at Hermann’s Board of Aldermen meetings during a special section of the agenda designated as Citizens Comments. The Board of Aldermen meeting is the city’s business meeting; therefore, the Citizen Comments section is the last item covered.

Citizens Comments mean comments not questions and answers. Anyone wanting to speak should pick up a pre-numbered post card at the door, fill in their name, address and subject and turn it in before the meeting starts. Only those having filled out cards prior to the start of the meeting will be allowed to speak in numbered card sequence, and they will be limited to three minutes.

Speaking at a Board of Aldermen meeting during a designated agenda section

If a citizen wants to engage in Q&A or if a group wants to speak, they should call City Hall and speak to the City Clerk, requesting a place on the official agenda. This request must be received three business days before the next scheduled Board of Aldermen meeting.

The speaker must give his/her or the group’s name, address and the subject to be discussed. The speaker will be put on the agenda of the next Board of Aldermen meeting. Speaking time limits will be based on subject matter and content and enforced by the Mayor.