Hermann Missouri Industrial Park

The Hermann Industrial Park

The 110-acre Hermann Industrial Park, which overlooks the Missouri River just east of Hermann, is divided into 12 sites, which may be purchased singly or in combination.


  • A 5000 KVA three-phase substation is connected to the city system by a 69 KV transmission line. The system has the voltage capacity to handle practically any load.
  • An on-site deep well feeds a 250,000-gallon water storage tank, providing ample capacity for industrial sprinkler systems. Fire hydrants are installed at 300-foot intervals.
  • Natural gas service is provided by a municipally-owned distribution system. The city purchases natural gas at favorable rates through the Municipal Gas Commission of Missouri.
  • An 8-inch gravity flow main terminates at a lift station that pumps sewage through to the city’s primary treatment plant.


A 36-foot-wide central drive of 10-inch concrete can accommodate heavy industrial traffic. The drive has a maximum grade of 4 percent and is bordered by high-intensity street lights. Curbs and gutters facilitate storm drainage, which is intercepted in catch basins and directed to a 21-inch storm sewer.