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Living the DREAM in Hermann



Our community was one of the first 10 communities in Missouri to receive the status as a Missouri DREAM community. DREAM is an acronym for Downtown Revitalization and Economic Assistance for Missouri.


It is a process specifically established by Governor Matt Blunt to assemble agencies within the state government and create a partnership in the revitalization of the downtown areas of the designated communities. It is designed to provide the technical assistance and help those municipalities build the plan for economic growth and for the long term infrastructure improvements of a community’s downtown area. No it is not a “pot of gold” at the end of the rainbow or a pool of grant dollars guaranteed for the participating cities, it simply is a way of using existing state programs and mechanisms in a more efficient way. It is a hand up and necessarily a hand out.


Since Hermann’s designation in the fall of 2006 there has been a significant amount of research, planning, and yes infrastructure improvements have done and more are on the horizon for our community in the future. Here is just a summary of the types of planning and areas targeted for potential improvement that the DREAM program has and will outline for our community.






Last spring we began the first of a number of phases for improvement to our downtown area. New curb & gutter was installed along Market Street and Gutenberg. There was also an asphalt overlay done along with a parking space redesign along those same roads. The final component of the Phase I improvement is to replace much of the sidewalk along these two streets. We have requested and been award a grant for establishing a Quiet Zone along Wharf Street which will reduce significantly the sounding of the train horns as they pass through our downtown area. We have also planned and intend to begin our Phase II project this summer. The Gutenberg corridor in the downtown area will be converted into more of a park like atmosphere with having utilities currently on poles overhead placed underground. The street will be widened and new parking spaces are planned. Curb & gutter and sidewalk are planned also. Finally Gutenberg Street as well as 2nd Street is targeted to get a new asphalt overlay.


As you can tell the DREAM is quite comprehensive and has the opportunity to be transformational for a proactive community over time. Hermann is pleased to have been selected and the enthusiasm remains strong as we proceed in living out the DREAM.