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A Christmas Message by Mayor Robert Koerber

“The prettiest Town in Missouri” is now fully in the grasp of the Christmas season. People are calmer and gentler in anticipation, children are excited and parents are rushing around to make last minute adjustments to Santa’s lists. Churches are preparing, shops and stores are selling and tourists are touring. What a great time to be in Hermann, Missouri! As Mayor, I am thankful for several things; I am thankful for the incredible generosity of the people of Hermann; it is appreciated. I am thankful for the attitude of the residents toward me; it is all I could have hoped for. I am thankful for the vitality of our local economy and the confidence that our business community shows when they invest in Hermann. I am thankful for our aldermen who work long hours solely for the benefit of our city. Our churches and their missions are also richly appreciated especially at the Christmas season. What more could we ask Santa for?

In the spirit of the Christmas season, let us remember that not every community our size is blessed with the things we sometimes take for granted. Most do not have a quality hospital and dedicated doctors. We have very good city employees that work hard to make sure city services are available when we need them. We have terrific schools filled with equally terrific students and teachers. Our city has several large businesses that employ our residents and treat them fairly. We have nice residential areas where families can raise their children in peace and safety. We have exceptional city parks where our children can play and swim. Our police department is well organized and staffed to protect and serve us. Our shops and smaller businesses are locally owned and operated to make us feel at home when we shop there. We should give thanks for all of this.

While we are at it, let’s also be thankful for the beautiful town that has been left to our care; the beautiful German architecture with red bricks, cupolas and antique trim, the nationally recognized, award winning wineries and beautiful vineyards, a city of museums and antique shops, many fine restaurants serving excellent food and beverages, and the events that occur year round. Hermann is all of this and more because for most of us it is our home.

So during this holiday season, let’s make a special effort to spread Christmas cheer, be more neighborly than usual, help those in need of help, be extra generous when we can, and spread our blessings to everyone especially those less fortunate. These are the true gifts of Christmas and they will be returned to us tenfold in the years to come. Merry Christmas to Hermann and everyone here!